Honda Body Shop


Family Owned & Operated Collision Repair Since 1939!

Honda’s are known for being reliable. This reputation shouldn’t be tarnished just because of an accident. Mike’s Auto Body Shop can get your Honda back on the road driving safely.

Lifetime Warranty
24/7 Towing
Insurance Claim Assistance

Mike’s Auto Body Shop offers a limited lifetime warranty for all Honda structural and body repairs and a 5 year warranty on paint repairs. We have the utmost confidence in the quality of our work and want to pass that confidence to our customers. When the repair is complete you will know that your Honda is performing at its best.


Honda’s have a reputation of being easy to repair. However this does not mean that you should trust just any shop to work on yours. Modern Honda vehicles use advanced techniques in structural design and technology to create safer and more fuel efficient cars and trucks. In order to repair these features a Honda body shop needs to use the right tools while following specific Honda repair processes.

As a shop that is dedicated to the wellbeing of our community, we are dedicated to delivering both timely and high quality repairs. The safety of our customers is our number one priority. We perform multiple inspections during our repair process to ensure that all damaged safety features are repaired to factory specifications.

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Insurance Partners

We are a Geico Xpress auto body shop and work with all other insurance companies. This allows us to provide our streamlined and hassle-free repair experience. By being an insurance partner we do not deal with many of the same delays that other shops run into. This means that we don’t have to cut corners during the repair process in order to save time.

Our Repair Process
Mike’s Body Shop provides a hassle free experience for our customers. We accomplish this by having a structured repair process built around high quality repairs and customer service. From towing to refinishing, your Honda is in good hands with us. .
Start the Process
Our process starts at the scene of the accident. With 24/7 towing we can safely transport your Honda to us. We can then keep you moving with a rental car and shuttle service.
Estimate Damage Analysis
We perform a full inspection to find the extent of the damage. Afterwards we will be able to deliver an accurate quote to the insurance company.
Structural Repair
Following Honda repair guidelines we make sure that every performance, safety and fuel efficiency feature of your vehicle is repaired to factory specifications.
We color match your Honda’s original paint. Our in house paint facility will get your car looking as it did when it left the dealership.
Once we have repaired or replaced all of the damaged parts, we carefully reassemble your Honda the way they factory designed it. .
We make sure that your Honda is looking new with a car wash and interior cleaning.
Quality Control
Now that everything has been put back in place we perform a quality control. This is a thorough inspection to guarantee that our job is complete.
Vehicle Delivery
Confident that your Honda’s safety and performance have been restored we hand you your keys and let you get back on the road!
Family Owned & Operated
Since 1939 Mike’s Auto Body Shop has been delivering high quality automotive repairs. Over the years we have kept the same location and commitment to bettering our community. Auto repairs are only a part of what we do. We also support local non-profits and youth sports programs.